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Black 3.24 oz Weed Barrier Fabric

3.2 oz Weed Barrier Fabric (Black)

SKU: 364215376135191

Keep weeds out with our bestselling, professional grade weed barrier ground cover! A great weed block fabric for gardeners, growers, landscapers, and farmers. Suitable for: Farms, gardens, flower beds, driveways, paths, playgrounds, under mulch, under rocks, and many more!

Color: Black
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE QUALITY - Our woven weed barrier fabric is currently used in commercial farms across the country to help protect crops from weeds.
  • WATER-PERMEABLE - Material allows for water and other nutrients to pass through to plants. Installation tip: Make sure the ground beneath is as level and flat as possible. Fabric should be pulled tight and taught, so that it lays flat and has no curves where water can pool.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE WEED BARRIER FABRIC - This fabric is made with high-quality Woven Polypropylene (PP) material, which is stronger and thicker than other Non-Woven material. Fabric weight is 3.2 Ounces/Square Yard.
  • UV RESISTANT - Fabric is UV stabilized.
  • INCLUDES GUIDELINE FOR EASY INSTALLATION- Guideline at 12" on center to help with alignment.
  • ***Please note some sizes of this ground cover will arrive FOLDED IN HALF WIDTH for easier shipping (i.e. An 8ft roll will appear like a 4ft roll from the outer packaging, but is 8ft when unrolled)***


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