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Bluefire Farm Supply is a factory direct manufacturer and wholesaler of quality farm, nursery, garden and landscape supplies. Our products help growers protect crops from the elements and support healthy plant growth. Bluefire is a leader in agricultural fabrics and has been serving the industry for over 10 years.

OEM Project Specialist

Bluefire specializes in OEM design and development. With over a decade of experience in product manufacturing and cost engineering, we will drive efficient mass production to empower your market leadership and success. Call us today to get started on your custom OEM project.

Environment & Sustainability

At Bluefire Farm Supply, we believe a good business is one that serves both its clients and the global community. Our team is passionate about using our business as a vehicle for change. We are committed to using recycled materials whenever possible, donating to support charitable causes, and conducting ongoing research to develop more sustainable and socially responsible practices.

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