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Sod Staples

Sod Staples

Our heavy-duty steel sod staples can be used for a variety of projects, from anchoring weed barrier fabric to securing hoses and cords.

  • Commercial-Grade: Our steel Landscape/Weed Barrier Fabric Staples are currently used by professional growers, farmers, and landscapers across the country.
  • Effortless Installation: Features sharp, angled ends for easy and secure mounting.
  • Sizes: 6" 11 Gauge (1000/box), 8" 8 Gauge (500/box), 8" 11 Gauge (1000/box)
  • Material: Heavy-duty Steel
  • Suitable for: Sod staples, weed barrier fabric staples, landscape staples, ground staples, anchor pins, garden stakes, multipurpose steel pins, securing hoses/cords, securing dog fences, and many more!


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