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Reusable Twine Dispenser Bag

Reusable Twine Dispenser Bag

We invented this Reusable Twine Dispenser Bag™ because farmers and growers were telling us that the cardboard box the twine usually comes in gets soiled easily, and is bulky to place on their hip while they work. With this bag, you can now comfortably and conveniently carry around your tomato/garden twine and other tools. If the bag gets dirty, simply hand wash it and you can reuse it over and over again!

  • Size: Fits one roll of 6,300 ft polypropylene tomato twine
  • Colors: Blue, Tan, or Orange
  • Convenient: This twine bag has 2 large pockets, so you can conveniently carry and store your tools and other items
  • Comfortable: With 3 belt loops, you can comfortably carry the twine dispenser bag on either side of your waist
  • Easily dispense and refill your twine: The reinforced hole on top of the bag allows you to effortlessly string the twine through and dispense. The zipper allows you to quickly access the tomato or garden twine and refill if needed
  • Features: Reusable, refillable, washable, 2 storage pockets, 3 belt loops, easily dispense twine
  • Cleaning instructions: Hand wash and hang to dry


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