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Anti-Bird Netting (PE)

SKU: 21554345656

Protect your berries, vegetables, and other crops from birds with our high-strength, polyethylene (PE) bird net.

  • MATERIAL: Heavy-duty 100% high density polyethylene (PE) mesh net. PE material is stronger and lasts longer than polypropylene (PP) or nylon nets (that can rot and deteriorate)
  • FEATURES: Block birds and protect crops, professional grade quality, will not harm birds, snag and tangle-free, reusable, durable, high-strength, UV-resistant, easy to install
  • SUITABLE FOR: Blueberries, cherries, fruit trees, grapes, vineyards, orchards, vegetables, and other crops. Also effective to use as pond netting or for poultry and aviary game pens


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